Vertical plug-in minidrive

iPOS3602 VX

 Modularly designed to cover low- & high-volume applications, the first member of this family – iPOS3602 VX (36 V, 2 A, 75 W) – is a complete motion control and drive solution packed on only 21 x 54 mm of PCB space. It integrates all the basic motor control functions, motion control and PLC features on a remarkably small-sized plug-in module. Equipped with CAN / CANopen interfaces (optionally, additional EtherCAT interface also available), the iPOS drive controls any rotary or linear brushless, DC brush or step motor

The iPOS3602 board's flexible, modular design, as well as the intelligence embedded onto its miniature size, make it a valuable motion control solution for all applications that need high-precision control, greater design adaptability, simplified maintenance and limited space integration. In simple applications the unit can operate as a single-axis motion controller and drive, in stand-alone mode, autonomously running the program residing in its non-volatile memory


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