Starter Kits for All Intelligent Drives

Starter Kits for all Technosoft intelligent drives. They include: the selected intelligent drive, an I/O board, the EasyMotion Studio programming software; optionally, a brushless / stepping motor. Starter Kits for All Intelligent Drives


Starter Kits for Technosoft Intelligent Servo Drives

For a faster and easier way of learning how to use Technosoft Intelligent Servo Drives, we offer starter kits for practically all drives. These evaluation kits are ready-to-run packages that include the complete hardware and software you need in order to evaluate and develop your motion applications. Covering our main line of products, the starter kits represent a significant leverage in your development process from concept to the implementation of the complete industrial motion control application.

– You can start evaluating the solution of your motion problem immediately, by selecting the appropriate application note and by using the included I/O board to simulate the drive environment.

– You will use the I/O board buttons, potentiometers and LEDs to emulate your PLC or host commands, and to visualise the drive's response.

– The included motor shows how your actual motor will behave on the application when properly tuned.

– The included EasyMotion Studio graphical interfaces (watch, trace and control panel windows) will make you confident that you have found the best motion solution with Technosoft intelligent drives.


  • Plug-and-play packages offering complete H/W and S/W components:
    • An intelligent servo/stepper drive
    • EasyMotion Studio software platform for motion application development
    • I/O board with input (buttons), output (LEDs), and analog (potentiometer) interfaces
    • a brushless motor with encoder and Hall sensors, or a stepping motor
    • with the new iPOS drives, optionally an EtherCAT interface extension
  • Complete documentation of the drive and software
  • Instant emulation of PLC or host command lines (Enable, Limit Switches, I/O or Analog Reference) through push-buttons and potentiometers
  • Visual control of the drive’s output lines, via LEDs
  • Graphical programming and motion evaluation with the EasyMotion Studio PC software
  • Access to an ever-growing base of application notes
  • Pre-tuned motor in the drive, for immediate motion evaluation
  • Wire form loop test points for oscilloscope or external signal connections to the I/O board




Ordering Information

Part Number - Product Name Quantity Unit Price (EX-WORKS, Neuchâtel, Switzerland) Amount Buy
P028.001.E801 – iPOS3602 VX-CAN starter kit, brushless motor 595.00 EUR 595.00 EUR
P028.002.E801 – iPOS3604 VX-CAN starter kit, brushless motor 595.00 EUR 595.00 EUR
P027.014.E801 – iPOS4808 VX-CAN starter kit, brushless motor 695.00 EUR 695.00 EUR
P028.001.E811 – iPOS3602 VX-CAT starter kit EtherCAT, brushless motor 795.00 EUR 795.00 EUR
P028.002.E811 – iPOS3604 VX-CAT starter kit EtherCAT, brushless motor 795.00 EUR 795.00 EUR
P027.014.E811 – iPOS4808 VX-CAT starter kit EtherCAT, brushless motor 895.00 EUR 895.00 EUR

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