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Technosoft is a leading motion control technology company specialized in the development,motionchip1 design and manufacture of motion control products and custom motion systems.

Technosoft is distinguished in its focus on innovative design based on the latest control technology, which has culminated in the design of MotionChip™ – a dedicated DSP solution for motion control that is embedded today in a broad range of intelligent servo drive products. Technosoft is committed to bringing compact, flexible, cost-effective solutions to a large variety of motion applications ranging from medical, textile, robotics to factory automation. Technosoft is also an active third party of Texas Instruments for DSPs, since 1995.

The modular concept of dedicated OEM solutions

Besides the standard product lines we offer, Technosoft's emphasis on modularity at both hardware and software levels allows us to create highly flexible and adaptable dedicated solutions that can be easily and rapidly prototyped to meet specific OEM needs. Clients from industries like automotive and military have effectively utilized Technosoft motor and control expertise in the fast realisation of dedicated solutions for highly demanding environments.

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Benefits of Technosoft Motion Technology

  • Compact and cost-effective motion solutions
  • Drives with embedded motion controller
  • Single or multi-axis operation (distributed intelligence)
  • Powerful trajectory generator with profiles, jogging, contouring
  • Control of DC, brushless or step motors
  • Extremely flexible and versatile motion control, with high level motion language
  • Easy integration with C and LabView libraries
  • Quick system set-up and diagnostic


We are ready to provide our customers with:

Our field of expertise covers:

  • Digital motor control
  • DSP technology
  • Real time control algorithms

OEM Intelligent drives

The TECHNOSOFT Servo Drives division focuses on providing high performance, cost effective motion control products for use in the Original Equipment Manufacturer market. Technosoft drives distinguish themselves thanks to their embedded intelligence, and – through high-level programmability – they offer highly flexible, versatile, cost-effective, easy-to-use solutions for a large variety of applications. [more...]

Tools to access DSP technology

TECHNOSOFT is dedicated to digital motor control. As an active partner in the Texas Instruments Third Party Support network, we offer a wide range of development tools which will accelerate your evaluation of the TMS320C2407 / TMS320C2812 / TMS320C28335 DSP, and the design of your applications. Motion-specific software features such as the motion capture function and graphical software tools allow a rapid familiarization with the particularities of control algorithms applied to different motor technologies, and thus reduce design time. [more...]

  • Graphical evaluation tools
  • Evaluation hardware
  • Development tools
  • Design/analysis tools
  • Custom solutions

TECHNOSOFT combines advanced theoretical and modeling know-how in the field of electrical machines and digital motion control implementation on the latest Digital Signal Processor (DSP) technology.


This know-how, as well as our experience with the TMS320C24x / TMS320C24xx / TMS320C28xx / TMS320C283xx processors, allow us to provide application specific motion control applications for this processor. [more...]

  • Specific custom integration
  • Digital motor control software modules
  • Intelligent modular motor controllers
  • Sharing our knowledge


Multidisciplinary environments require good communication. Through workshops (that can also ve organized on your premises), and seminars jointly offered with Texas Instruments, TECHNOSOFT assists your team to improve their motion control development methodologies.

  • Digital Motor Control training workshop (2-3 days)
  • Introduction Seminars to Digital Motor Control (1 day)

For details, please enquire at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Markets & Applications

Respiratory devices
Surgical instruments & robots
Clinical Diagnosis
Dosing machines
Liquid Handling System
Ophthamology equipment
X-Ray equipment
Centrifugal pumps
Factory Automation
Pick and place robots
Cartesian robots
Welding robots
Printing equipment
Bonding systems
Laser cutting
Laser marking
Wafer inspection
Military / Aviation / Security
Sonar orientation
Digital mapping
Parabolic antennas
Unmanned vehicles
Inertial platforms
Underwater inspection
Bottling machines
Labeling machines
Gluing machines
Package printing
Material dosing
Instrumentation & Optics
Digital microscopes
Laser measuring systems
Aerial view cameras
Lens shaping and polishing
Auto focus & auto zooming
Research Laboratories
Analysis equipment
Laboratory automation
Industrial Equipment
Elevator doors
Solar cells
Hydraulic pumps
Solar trackers
Photovoltaic panels

Education & Research

Development tools based on TMS320F28x
Politecnico di Milano
Politecnico di Bari
Université de Grenoble
Universidad de Vigo
Universidad de Pais Vasco
Universidad de Coimbra
Fachhochschule Westkueste
Iowa State University
Northern Illinois University
Ataturk University Ankara
DMCD-Pro, Digital Motion Control Developer

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"I´m very grateful for an informative answer and a quick solution of a simple problem. It is seldom or never you get such a complete explanation from a manufacturer how the hardware/firmware is working in detail. [...] You can refer to me as satisfied customer."

P. Svensson / MYDATA automation AB

"I get the most accurate answers to my questions from Technosoft, and I thank you for that. Your answers helped me a lot to see the problem clearer."

Laszlo Nacsa / Sierra Vision

"Thank you again for a cristal clear answer. My opinion about Technosoft is that you are very competent and service minded"

S.Gester / Brady (Tradex)

"That did the trick indeed, thanks to your clear explanations and advice!! Wow, you're lightning fast in your answers!!"

Wim van Hoorn / Vantage NDT

"The system is running now. [...] Everybody is happy now! [...] Thanks for your helping."

H. Sinabell / Antoon Par

"Again thank you SO much for your help!! This information is very helpful to me, and I can't tell you enough how much I appreciate your support."

J. Lundskov / Icomech

"Thank you for your support [...], it is greatly appreciated."

S. Mounarat / Qioptiq Imaging Solutions

"The installation works much better with the V2.0 library. I can start the evaluation now. Thanks a lot!!!"

Tom van Rijswijk / OTB Display

"This time it works perfectly well! We are synchronizing two motors connected in a Can Network. I've been looking forward for this to happen!"

U. Esnaola / Fatronik

"Now everything works without problems! Thanks for your support."

Natanel / Triplesign System AB


TECHNOSOFT SA, av. des Alpes 20, CH-2000 Neuchâtel, Switzerland. 
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