Other Intelligent Drives

Complete line of OEM intelligent drive solutions which cover all type of motor applications and embed motion control, drive and PLC functionalities in a single compact unit. All products are fully programmable using their built-in motion controller and EasyMotion Studio.

Open-frame Intelligent Servo Drives

Open-frame drives are easier to integrate in motion control where space is critical and where smaller size makes them good solutions. are flexible, cost-effective and compact solutions particularly adapted to the distributed and coordinated control of brushless, DC, linear or step motors of powers up to 860 W. Programmable with the high-level Technosoft Motion Language (TML), thess drives embed, on one board, advanced motion control and basic PLC-specific functionality.

Closed-frame Intelligent Servo Drives

Fully digital high-precision servo drives with embedded intelligence and a built-in power amplifier. Used to control brushless DC, brushless AC (vector control), DC brush, linear or 2/3-phase stepping motors, these high-performance intelligent servo drives combine motion controller, power amplifier and PLC functionality in a single, compact unit. The on-board CAN-bus interface allows this type of drive to be used as an intelligent axis in a distributed-intelligence, multiple-axis network (up to 256 axes).

Plug-in Intelligent Servo Drives

Technosoft intelligent plug-in servo drives are particularly adapted for motion control applications where space is critical. Manufactured with simple pins, the drives have an architecture that allows for faster assembly and installation letting you insert the drive in seconds into the application. Their hardware structure is based on a cost optimised design integrating all the basic motor control functions and motion control functionalities on a single plug-in module.

Multi-Axis Motion Controllers & Drives

8-Axis Motion Controller and Servo Drive in One Unit. The Technosoft TMC-3D drive combines a multi-axis motion controller and a digital servo drive in the same compact unit. Based on the MotionChipTM technology, TMC-3D controls via CAN-bus, up to 8 Technosoft intelligent drives, including itself. Its embedded servo drive is suitable for DC and brushless motors up to 640 W (80 V, 8 A).Complex motion programs can be programmed using the high level Technosoft Motion Language (TML).

  • Fully digital intelligent brushless motors
  • 12 to 48 V logic supply
  • 12 to 48 V motor supply
  • 3 motor sizes: 0.1 to 0.3 Nm
  • 2000-pulse / revolution quadrature encoder
  • Programmable digital I/Os, analog inputs
  • RS-232 and CAN / CANopen
  • Size: 104/144 x 57 x 57 mm
Amount: from 339.25 CHF
  • Fully digital stepping motors
  • Single 12- 48 V motor power supply
  • 3 motor sizes: 0.5 to 1.8 Nm
  • High resolution: up to 256 μ-steps / full step
  • Motor Enable input and Ready/Error output
  • Various configuration modes, via jumpers
  • RS-232 and CAN / CANopen
  • Size: 61/96 x 57 x 57 mm
Amount: from 12.50 CHF
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