Multi-Axis Motion Controllers & Drives

The Technosoft TMC-3D drive combines a multi-axis motion controller and a digital servo drive in the same compact unit. Based on the MotionChipTM technology, TMC-3D controls via CAN-bus, up to 8 Technosoft intelligent drives, including itself. Its embedded servo drive is suitable for DC and brushless motors up to 640 W (80 V, 8 A)

  • Multi-axis motion controller (up to 8 axes)
  • Real-time 3D reference generator
  • Powerful motion language commands including vector interpolation and 3D coordinated moves. G-code import and execution possible in EasyMotion Studio
  • CAN network management
  • Integrated servo drive for 1 axis, suitable for brushless / DC motors with encoder or resolver feedback
  • Output current: 8 A continuous; 16.5 A peak
  • Supply voltage: 12 to 48 V for logic; 12 to 80 V for motor
  • Compact covered-frame design (136 x 84.5 x 26) mm
  • Compatible only with Technosoft drives with TMLCAN protocol
Amount: from 339.25 CHF
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