Tutorials for Technosoft intelligent drives

Technosoft Intelligent Servo Drives can be programmed in the EasyMotion Studio software platform, an advanced tool for the configuration, setup, testing, tuning, and motion programming. The advanced object-oriented structure of EasyMotion Studio includes automatic Technosoft Motion Language (TML) code generation, allowing you to configure your motion application at a high level.

The huge potential offered by the TML environment, at both configuration and motion programming levels, results in a wide range of available user options. The embedded PLC features of the drives, including the motion-specific ones, offer a lot of possibilities to the user, mainly when wanting to exploit at maximum the complete functionality of the drive.

To integrate these tutorials with the EasyMotion Studio IDE, we recommend that you first install EasyMotion Studio (full version or demo), then install the tutorials. If EasyMotion Studio is already installed on the PC, the setup program of the tutorial detects its folder and suggests the same path for the tutorial. You should not modify this path if you want to have the tutorial integrated in EasyMotion Studio.

Click here to download the EasyMotion Studio – demo version

01. Getting started with Technosoft drives   Target Drive   Download tutorial setup

For a new user of an intelligent drive, starting to implement a motion control application can be a quite complex task. You need to know how to hook up the components of the motion system, configure them (motor, sensors and drive), test their functionality, identify parameters and tune controllers. Finally, executing a simple movement will validate the basic system functionality, and will allow you to focus on starting the implementation of your real motion application. This tutorial gives you a first example of how to do this, and how to start using an intelligent drive.





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