Technosoft has pioneered the intelligent drive as a cost-effective solution in many motion control applications. Embedding a motion controller and a drive into a single unit, an intelligent drive can perform many of the tasks that are traditionally assigned to a central unit. Using TML — a high-level programming language, Technosoft intelligent drives can independently execute complex motion programs that involve:

  • setting of all supported modes of operation
  • control of advanced program flow, such as conditional jumps, function calls, interrupts, wait loops, special events
  • execution of numerous standard and user-customized homing modes
  • handling of all I/Os
  • arithmetic and logic operations
  • data transfers among axes
  • use of one intelligent drive as an “application master”, which controls the other drives
  • synchronization with all other axes’ control loops

The next step was the intelligent motor, which integrates an intelligent drive within a motor. Thus, motion controller, drive and motor are all grouped into a single compact unit, which receives motion commands via a communication channel and translates them into mechanical movements.

Schematic of an intelligent drive
Schematic of an intelligent drive

Schematic of an intelligent motor
Schematic of an intelligent motor


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