Application Examples

All practical applications presented below have been implemented on Technosoft intelligent drives using the TML programming language.

Single-Axis Servo – Stand Alone

Technosoft Intelligent Drives can run a locally stored TML (Technosoft Motion Language) program, in stand-alone mode. Complex profiles can be generated, combined with I/O signal monitoring and decision functions, as well as protections of the drive.



Events and interrupts handling

Programmable events on Technosoft drives, combined with the TML specific interrupts structure, allow you to simultaneously handle different tasks as: protections, time intervals, I/O status or capture, control error or status variable values, besides the main program's TML motion sequences.



Single-Axis Servo — Host Controlled

All Technosoft intelligent drives can be programmed and controlled from a host controller system, via a communication channel: RS-232, Ethernet, or CAN-bus (CAN versions). 'Immediate' on-line commands & TML instructions (loading and running of programs, setup of parameters, queries on drive status) can be sent and executed.



Multiple-Axis Coordination

In distributed multiple-axes structures, a host can provide data points to axes in the network. Also, locally stored motion profiles can be executed at the host's command, or coordinated via on-board I/Os. Moreover, any axis can request and receive information from other axes in the system, via specific TML commands.


Analog Input References or Feedbacks

Completely configurable by software, the analogue inputs of the drives can be used in the TML program as motion reference inputs (position, speed, torque or user-specific), as feedforward or limit values (torque). Feedback functionality is also settable, for motion variables (position, speed), or for user defined variables (pressure, flow, etc.). Programmable offsets allow either uni- or bipolar signals to be considered.



Electronic Gearing

Technosoft Intelligent drives can be programmed to follow Pulse & Direction inputs that can be produced by another motor or reference encoder. Also, a host can send reference master position information to be used on each slave, with a locally programmable gearing factor. Thus, the slave can perform a movement proportional to the host's position, and follow its motion profile.


Analog Inputs

Besides the motion or control specific functionality, analog inputs can also be used as generic measured signals, and tested in the TML program for specifical user-defined purposes. This extends the range of applications that can be considered, and offers more flexibility at the user's level, for specific application cases.



Electronic CAM

Similarly to the electronic gearing mode, Technosoft intelligent drives can be programmed to implement electronic camming. Thus, based on a master position sent by the host, each slave axis can compute (from a locally-stored CAM profile table) its own position reference that will be controlled by that axis.


Multiple I/O treatment

PLC-specific functionalities of Technosoft drives allow you to configure and use the I/O resources of the drive in order to get discrete input commands, test input status, or set/reset dedicated outputs for external signaling or commands. Conditional execution of functions can also be implemented using the input port's status.



Multiple-Axis I/O Handshake

The I/Os available on the drives allow you to create handshake structures between axes, by proper TML programming. Activation of specific axes, completion of programmed tasks on axes, chaining of actions from one axis to another can be easily implemented, further increasing the flexibility of the system configuration.




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