The MotionChip™ Concept

MotionChip™ is an advanced Technosoft concept realized as a high-performance ready-to-run motion controller based on dedicated processors. Using up to 8 PWM signals, this chip can drive either one or two H-bridges, or a 3-phase inverter, providing a single-chip solution to the control of rotary or linear brushless, DC brush and 2-phase or 3-phase step motors. Operation modes include torque, speed and position control with various options like: Hall-sensors based DC mode, or vector-control based sinusoidal AC mode for brushless motors control; open loop with micro stepping, or closed-loop (vector) control of steppers. MotionChip™ has a built-in motion controller with a high-level language for motion programming: TML (Technosoft Motion Language). Thanks to the powerful TML instruction set, complex motion applications can programmed directly at drive level, eliminating in many cases the need for a separate motion controller.

MotionChip™ was rated by EDN Magazine among 1999's Top 10 microprocessors. Its latest version is embedded in all Technosoft intelligent drives and motors.

  • All in one solution: controls linear or rotary brushless, DC brush and step motors
  • Easy application programming via TML – a high level motion language
  • Various modes of operation: open loop, torque, speed and position control
  • Standalone or master/slave operation, with complex motion sequences
  • Single- or multiple-axis configuration
  • Multiple feedback options: incremental quad and sine-cosine encoders, digital and linear Halls, tacho-generators, absolute encoders and resolvers
  • Multiple communication channels: RS-232, CAN, Ethernet, EtherCAT
Technosoft MotionChip


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