TML: Technosoft's Motion Programming Language

One of the key advantages of Technosoft intelligent drives and motors is their ability to execute complex motions without requiring an external motion controller. This is possible because Technosoft drives offer, in a single compact package, both a state-of-the-art digital drive and a powerful motion controller. This gives you the following options of implementing a motion application:

  • As a standalone motion program, written in TML and stored into the drive's non-volatile memory, which is executed automatically after power-on;
  • In a central unit, where the motion application is implemented using one of the TML_LIB motion libraries for PC or PLC. In this case, the TML commands are sent one by one through a communications channel;
  • Using a decentralized control approach which combines the above options, like for example a host calling motion functions programmed in the intelligent drives/motors using TML.

TML (Technosoft Motion Language) is a high-level language that lets you program complex motion profiles for the intelligent drive/motor to execute independently. TML allows you to:

  • Set various operation modes: position or speed profiles, PVT or PT interpolation, electronic gearing or camming, external reference, etc.
  • Change motion modes and/or motion parameters on the fly
  • Execute standard homing modes, or your own customized versions
  • Control the program flow through:
    • Conditional jumps and function calls
    • Interrupts generated on pre-defined or programmable conditions (protections triggered, transitions on limit switch or capture inputs, etc.)
    • Waits for programmed events to occur
  • Handle digital I/Os and analogue input signals
  • Execute arithmetic and logic operations
  • Perform data transfers between axes
  • Control the motion of an axis from another axis, via motion commands sent between axes
  • Send commands to a group of axes (multicast). This includes the possibility of simultaneously starting motion sequences on all axes in a group
  • Synchronize all the axes in a network

With TML, you can really distribute the intelligence between a master and the intelligent drives/motors in complex multi-axis applications. Thus, instead of trying to command each step of an axis movement, you can program the intelligent drives/motors, using TML, to execute complex tasks and inform the master when these tasks are done. Thus, for each axis, the master's task may be reduced to calling TML functions and waiting for a message that confirms the end of their execution. If needed, the intelligent drives/motors may also be programmed to periodically send information messages to the master, so it can monitor a task's progress.

Due to a powerful instruction set, the motion programming in TML is quick and easy, even for complex motion applications. The result is a high-level motor-independent program which — once conceived — may be used in other applications, too.

The TML motion programming can be easily done using EasyMotion Studio. This includes a Motion Wizard which allows you to program your application in a simple, graphical way, through a set of programming dialogues. When a programming dialogue has been closed, the associated TML instructions are automatically generated.

A detailed description of TML programming with EasyMotion Studio



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