Professional Kits with Applications ****

These professional DSP development tools represent a complete development environment, both at hardware and software levels. They include  Matlab-Simulink libraries and/or source code application examples and represent the most advanced offer in the Digital Motor Control field. All packages are self-contained, so they allow you to start the evaluation and development immediately.

You will discover how easy it is to control a brushless motor (in trapezoidal or sinusoidal mode), or an induction motor (in vector control or V/f mode). Moreover, for experienced designers, these examples can represent a useful starting point for any advanced motion control applications that you may want to develop. The solution offers many significant advantages, based on its typical features:

  • “Plug-and-play” approach: you get a ready-to-run platform. The first straightforward step is to set up the H/W and S/W; then you can already test that all parts operate properly (simulation, code generation, download and execution on DSP structure)
  • Position, speed, torque and voltage control Matlab-Simulink models or complete source code projects are provided, for simple-to-complex gradual application configuration and test
  •  Automatic C code generation: eliminates the need to hand write C and Assembly code (for Matlab-Simulink libraries)
  • Visual modeling and simulation: selection of control structure, optimization of control parameters for specific application performances (for Matlab-Simulink libraries)
  • Analysis on the DSP system: validation of the solution on the real control environment
Brushless Motor Control

    Kits include:
  • DSP board + inverter + brushless motor
  • Matlab-Simulink library, and/or
  • Source code application examples

Induction Motor Control

    Kits include:
  • DSP board + inverter + induction motor
  • Matlab-Simulink library, and/or
  • Source code application examples

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